Contacts refers to all of the “external” users in your SuiteDash (This is in contrast to your “internal” users, which would generally be your employees.) 

Your Contacts can be divided into three basic types: Leads, Prospects, and Clients. 

This delineation dictates where in the “sales funnel” your Contact lies. If a Contact is a “Lead”, that means you have not yet received any actual business from them. 

A Lead would be a potential client who you’ve met and exchanged contact information with, but there are currently no “concrete” business plans in the works. Additionally, Leads do not have login credentials for your SuiteDash portal. 

The next step after “Lead” would be “Prospect”. A Prospect is essentially a Lead who has the ability to login to your SuiteDash installation. This additional level allows you to share private sales and promotional material, as well as giving the Prospect the ability to submit Work Requests. 

When you’re ready to actually make a sale, the Prospect would be converted to a “Client”. 

After a user is a Client, they can be sent Estimates, Invoices, and Contracts, and be assigned to Projects.

You can create a Contact as any one of these roles from the beginning. For example, if you are ready to send an invoice to a new Client, then you would go ahead and create the Contact with the Client role from the very beginning.