An existing Contact can be viewed and modified by navigating to CRM–>Contacts and using the “Options” dropdown on the right-hand side of the table, and selecting “View” or “Edit” appropriately.

If “View” is selected, you will be taken to a page where you can see all of the Contact’s pertinent info, as well as see any Notes, Contacts, Events, and Goals associated with the Contact. You also have the option to edit the Contact from this page, by clicking the blue pencil button in the top-right of the “Contact Info” pane.

If you select “Edit” from the Options dropdown (or you click the blue Edit button from the View Contact page), you will be taken to a page where you will be able to modify any of the existing Contact info, in a format very similar to when the Contact was first created. Once done, you can select “Save” at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, if you wish to not save any changes you may have made, you can select “Cancel”.