If you have an existing Lead or Prospect that you would like to convert to a higher Contact role (Lead–>Prospect, Lead–>Client, or Prospect–>Client), this can be accomplished by navigating to CRM–>Contacts and using the “Options” dropdown on the right-hand side of the table, and selecting one of the available “Convert” options.

When a convert option is selected, a pop-up dialogue box will appear, with more information regarding the conversion process. When a Lead is converted to a Prospect, they will be sent an automated welcome email containing login instructions (the same email that is sent to newly created Prospects). When a Lead or Prospect is converted to a Client, they will be sent an automated email notification informing them that they now have more options/access in their portal. The templates for both of these email notifications can be edited by navigating to Settings–>Manage Templates.

When you’re ready to convert the desired Contact, just click OK in the pop-up dialogue box, and the conversion will be automatically performed, and the appropriate email notification will be sent to the Contact.