To create a new Business Sector, simply navigate to Planning–>Settings–>Business Sectors, and click the + button.

This will display a form in the right side-pane, with several fields to fill out.


Use this field to designate a name for the Business Sector. If a Project is assigned to a particular Business Sector, any user who has access to that Project (including the client) will be able to see the assigned Business Sector.


Use this field to optionally provide a description for the Business Sector. Only admin-level users (who have access to the Business Sectors menu) will be able to see a Business Sector description.

Assigned Projects

Use this field to optionally assign existing Projects to this new Business Sector. If no suitable Projects exist yet, you can always come back and assign them later.

Once a Business Sector is created, you will manage it using the “Options” dropdown.


Viewing a Business Sector allows you to get a quick look at the Business Sector’s details in the right side-pane, including the assigned Projects. You can use this option when you simply want to verify a detail about a Business Sector.


Editing a Business Sector allows you to modify all of the original Business Sector settings, including it’s name, description, and assigned Projects.


Deleting a Business Sector will completely remove it from the app. There is no undo for this action, so you will want to make absolutely certain you want to delete a Business Sector before confirming this action.