To manage an existing Timer, simply navigate to Planning–>Timers, and use the Options dropdown box to select the desired action.

Timers are grouped into various “statuses”, based on what actions have been taken with Timer.


A Standard Timer that is currently active will have this status. In this status, a Timer is actively counting, and will continue to do so until either paused, completed, or deleted.


A Standard Timer that has been paused will have this status. In this status, a Timer is not actively counting, but it can be resumed at any time using the “Resume” option from the Options dropdown box.


Timers that are finished counting, and have been marked complete, will have this status. Timers in this status can be added to invoice, viewed, or optionally deleted. All Manual Time Entry Timers will automatically be created in “Completed” status.


Timers in this status have been completed, and have been already added to an invoice.

Depending on the status of the Timer, you will be able to select from one or more of the below options.


Timers in “Counting” status can be paused at any time, at which point they will temporarily stop counting until they are resumed.


Timers in “Paused” status can be turned back on at any time by selecting “Resume” from the Options dropdown. When a Timer is resumed, the status will return to “Counting”, and the Timer will actively begin counting again until either paused, completed, or deleted.


Use this option to convert either a Paused or Counting Timer into Completed status. Once a Timer is complete, it can be added to an invoice.


Use this option to add a Completed Timer to an invoice of your choosing, or optionally you can create a new invoice with the Timer as the first item.


Timers in Counting, Paused, or Completed status can be deleted, which will remove the Timer from the table and database. It is important to note that there is no undo for this action, so you will want to make absolutely certain you want to delete a Timer before confirming this action.


Viewing a Timer will open a details window in the right side-pane, which will allow you to view more information regarding the Timer, such as the total time, hourly rate, etc.