To create a new Contract, simply navigate to Office–>Contracts, and click the + button

From there, you will be taken to a page with a few fields for you to fill out. It is important to note that all of these fields are required in order to be able to create a new Contract.


This is the title of the Contract, which will be visible to all users (including the assign Client) who are permissioned to View the Contract.


Use these radio buttons to choose whether you want to generate a Contract from either an Invoice or an Estimate. The dropdown box below these buttons will auto-populate based on your selection here.

Select Invoice/Estimate

Use this dropdown select box to choose which specific Invoice or Estimate you want to generate a Contract for/from. In the dropdown box you will see the Invoice/Estimate number, title, and assigned Client. It is important to note that only Open Invoices/Estimates will display in this box, as Contracts can only be generated from Open Invoices/Estimates.

Select Template

Use this dropdown select box to choose which Contract Template you would like to use to generate the Contract. If you do not already have a Contract Template created, you can create one by navigating to Office–>Contracts–>Templates. You can read more about Contract Templates HERE

Add More

You can use the Add More button to optionally show more fields for creating additional Contracts. Each new Contract you add can have it’s own title, assigned invoice/estimate, and template.

When the Contract(s) info is filled out to your liking, just click Save. The new Contract(s) will be automatically generated, and will be visible to both you and the assigned Client(s) in their portal.