Within SuiteDash, you are able to create folders in which you can place and organize files that are uploaded. In addition to the custom folders you create, there are some default folders that have special properties.

Whenever you create a new client in CRM, two new file folders will automatically be generated. These folders will be named “Client Name’s Uploads” (with “Client Name” replaced with the client’s actual first and last name), and sub-folder inside that called “Private Internal”. Any files that are placed in the “Client Name’s Uploads” folder by you will automatically be accessible/downloadable by that particular client. Additionally, any files that the client uploads themselves will automatically be sorted into that same folder. Related, the “Private Internal” folder exists so that you can organize files related to a specific client, but for instances when you don’t want the client to be able to access the files. Any files stored inside a client’s “Private Internal” sub-folder will not be accessible/visible to that client, and the files will only be accessible to the properly permissioned internal users (admins, managers, etc).

To manage file folders, you will want to navigate to Files–>Folders. This can be accomplished using the top navigation bar, or by clicking the gear icon below the “Filter Files By Folder” section on the main Files page.

Either method will display a folder management table at the top of the page.

To create a new folder, you will want to right-click an existing folder (Root being the only folder by default), and select “Add Folder” from the menu.

From here, a new folder with the default name “New Folder” will be created, as a sub-folder of the folder you right-clicked. To rename it, simply click the folder itself (or anywhere on the same line of the grid), and type your desired name. When finished, be sure to click “Save” at the top of the table to save your changes.