To upload a new file within the installation, you can either navigate to Files–>Upload Files, or you can optionally click the “Upload File” button in the top-right corner of the main Files dashboard.

Either method will display a multi-file uploader at the top of the screen.

To select files to upload, just click “Add Files”. From there, you will see a file explorer, which you can use to navigate through your desktop folders to select your desired files. You can either select a single file, or select multiple files at once by holding down CTRL on your keyboard while clicking on the desired files. Once your desired files are chosen, simply select “Open” in the file explorer popup, and the chosen files will be added to the upload queue.

From there, you can remove individual files from the list (if you don’t want them uploaded) by clicking the red minus (-) button to the right of the desired file. Alternatively, you can click “Cancel Upload” to abort the uploading of all of the files at once. When you are ready to upload the files, simply click “Start Upload”. The files will begin uploading, and you will be able to track each file’s progress, as well as the overall progress of the batch of files.