SuiteDash includes “file versioning” functionality, which allows you to upload a new version of a file “on top of” the original existing file, without deleting the original file. This can be useful in instances where you would like to see the “progress” of a file. For example, you could upload a document containing insurance information for your employees. As this information is changed and updated, you may want to update the file to reflect the most current information. Using the file versioning feature, instead of uploading a completely new file, you could simply upload a new “version” of the already-uploaded file. Using this method, all of the previously assigned users will automatically have access to the new version, and the file will remain assigned to any Folder and/or Category it may be assigned to. When a user attempts to download the file from their File Dashboard, they will automatically be given the newest file version on download.

To upload a new version of an existing file, you will want to navigate to Files–>General Files, and select “Version” from the Options dropdown next to the desired file.

From there, you will have the option to upload new file versions, as well as manage existing versions.

To select files to upload, just click “Add Files”. From there, you will see a file explorer, which you can use to navigate through your desktop folders to select your desired files. You can either select a single file, or select multiple files at once by holding down CTRL on your keyboard while clicking on the desired files. If multiple files are chosen, the files will be uploaded and “versioned” in the order they are selected (the first file will be version 2.0, the second file will be version 3.0, etc). Once your desired files are chosen, simply select “Open” in the file explorer popup, and the chosen files will be added to the upload queue.

From there, you can remove individual files from the list (if you don’t want them uploaded) by clicking the red minus (-) button to the right of the desired file. Alternatively, you can click “Cancel Upload” to abort the uploading of all of the files at once. When you are ready to upload the files, simply click “Start Upload”. The files will begin uploading, and you will be able to track each file’s progress, as well as the overall progress of the batch of files.

Once the files are uploaded, the overlay box will automatically refresh, and you will be able to download and manage the different file versions. All of the versions will be listed individually (with oldest on top), and the most recent version will be noted with red File Version text. Additionally, each file will have text automatically appended to the end of it's filename to denote it's version number (EX: Demo-File-V1.png, Demo-File-V2.png, etc).