One of the biggest and most powerful features of SuiteDash is the ability to apply a Custom Domain to your dashboard. This allows you to mask the default “” URL, and use your own custom URL (EX: A Custom Domain is a great way to convey that extra layer of professionalism to your clients, and it is very easy to setup!

If you navigate to Settings–>Manage Domain, you will see options for setting a custom domain URL for your SuiteDash installation. In order to take advantage of the custom domain functionality, you will first need to make a small change in the DNS settings associated with your domain. If you're unsure how to make these changes to your DNS records, you can find some help documentation from some of the more common providers below:



Essentially, you will need to create a new CNAME record within your DNS zone

The “Host” or "Name" or "Alias Name" field of the new CNAME record will be the subdomain or domain URL that you want your clients and employees to see/use (Ex: or

The “Record” or “Points to” field will be where you want that subdomain URL to point. In this case that will always be:

TTL or Time to Live you can leave as default, or if you wish to change, set to 1 hour.


Note that these instructions may vary a bit based on your domain registrar. If you are unable to find a way to add the DNS record, get help from your webmaster or your server administrator.

The end result of this process is that you will want a new subdomain of your site (for example: pointed at the default SuiteDash URL of

It is important to note that subdirectory URLs are not supported for this functionality (for example: Only domains and subdomains can be used for your custom domain URL within SuiteDash.

Once you have your CNAME setup, you can save your Custom Domain URL in your settings by navigating to Settings–>Your Branding–>Domain Name & Login, checking the box confirming "I have added a CNAME record in my DNS that points to """, and selecting "Begin Process".

Once you enter your custom domain into the settings field, the process will begin to automatically generate and install an SSL certificate for the domain, to ensure all traffic to/from your SuiteDash is secure. The system will first verify that the CNAME is properly created, and then will ask you to verify that you are ready to generate an SSL for that domain. As long as you have properly setup your CNAME, and the correct URL has been entered into your SuiteDash settings (no typos), you can confirm and continue the installation process. Once the "SSL Installed" step is reached and processing, the system may take a few minutes to fully generate and install the certificate. You can safely navigate away from this page during this time, and the SSL installation will continue in the background.

Once SSL is installed, you will be able to navigate to the next page, which will have various settings for customizing your SuiteDash login page, including colors, logos, and background image, as well as optionally set your own custom Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions links that your users will need to agree during their initial account setup. At this point, your custom URL is fully setup and configured, and you can begin using it to login to your SuiteDash account.