As a SuiteDash customer, you have the opportunity to gain free months of credit towards to your subscription, using our Affiliate Program. In your menu at Settings–>Affiliate Program, you will have an Affiliate Code that you can give out to anyone who is signing up for a SuiteDash account. This code is unique to you, and it is how the SuiteDash Team will track your Affiliate signups in order to credit your account.

For each new customer that signs up using your Affiliate Code and upgrades to a paid SuiteDash license, you will receive 1 credit, that is equivalent to the cost of 1 month’s subscription for your current license level. For example, if you have an Pinnacle license, and a new customer signs up using your Affiliate Code, then 1 credit in the amount of one month's service will be added to your account. If you have a Thrive license, 1 credit would be equal to one month of that license level, and so on. There is currently no limit to the number of credits you can “stack” on your subscription, so if you were to have say 12, 50, or 100 new customers sign-up, then you would receive the equal number of credits towards your subscription.

It is important to note that if you upgrade or downgrade your license, this will only affect the amount of any future credits you receive, and will not affect the amount of any existing credits you already have on your subscription. For example, if you have a Start License and receive 1 credit, that credit will be in the amount of 1 month of the Start license level. If you then decide to upgrade your license to an Pinnacle, you would still be responsible for (and charged) the  difference in the monthly subscription on your next billing cycle. Conversely, if you receive a credit while you have an Pinnacle License, and then downgrade to a Start License, you will essentially have a credit balance that your Start License subscription will use up over the course of several months before your credit card is charged again.