The All Tasks menu is a menu that is only available the Master Account, Admins, and Project Managers, where they can see see all of the tasks for their Projects. In the case of the Master Account and Admins, they will see all tasks from all Projects in the installation. In the case of Project Managers, they will see all of the tasks inside the Projects they are assigned to. This will include tasks from Projects, as well as any tasks and reminders they create for themselves from MyTasks (as long as the task is associated with a Project). When creating new tasks from this menu, you will have the option to associate the task with a particular Project, as well as assign the task to a user inside that Project. If no assigned user is selected, the task will automatically be assigned to the user who is creating the task. The process for creating a new task within the All Tasks menu is nearly identical to creating a task within an individual Project.