In order to send Campaigns or Autoresponders from within the Marketing menu, you will first need to configure your email sending settings, located at Marketing-->Email Sending Settings.

From here, you will have two main options for email sending types, depending on your needs:


By selecting SMTP, you can input credentials from a 3rd party email sending service (such as MailGun, SendGrid, Mandrill, etc). You can use this option if you already have an account with a separate SMTP provider, and want to use those same credentials to send your SuiteDash Marketing emails.


If you do not already have SMTP credentials to use, you have the option to request a dedicated sending IP address from the SuiteDash Team. Using this option, we will create a new completely white labeled sending IP specifically for your account via SendGrid, and apply it to your account for use with all of your SuiteDash Marketing email sending.

To get started with a new dedicated IP, simply select "IP" from the email sending type dropdown, and then click the link for "Request IP". From there, a member of our Team will receive and review the request, and you will be notified via email when the request has been approved and processed. Once approved, your dedicated sending IP will automatically appear in your Email Sending settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to select the "IP" option for email sending, a $20/month fee will be automatically added to your existing SuiteDash subscription. Included in this will be a dedicated IP address for sending your emails, only used by you and no other customer, with a standard allowance of 10,000 email sends per month. If the 10k/month threshold is reached, you will be billed an additional $15.00 for every 10,000 emails sent that month beyond the initial allowance. This initial $20/month fee will not be added until your IP request is approved, and it can be cancelled at any time automatically by removing your IP from your Email Sending settings.