You can integrate SuiteDash login functionality into your WordPress site using our free WordPress Plugin, which you can find here:

Once installed and activated, you can access the settings of the plugin from your menu at Settings-->SuiteDash Login

From these settings you can style the login form itself, as well as enter your Custom Domain URL (if you have one setup; if not you can leave this field blank).

You can display the login link in a few different ways, just depending on your personal preference:

1) You can place the shortcode [wp_suitedash_login /] in any page, which will add a "Login" button that when clicked will display the appropriate login form.

2) You can add a custom link in your WordPress Appearance-->Menus settings, using the appropriate parameters as outlined in the example below:

3) From the WordPress Appearance-->Menus settings, you also have the option to add a default Login link.