Within the SuiteDash Billing menu, you can manage your existing Braintree and Stripe automatic recurring subscription plans, as well as create new Stripe plans directly inside SuiteDash. When using Plans, you will setup the initial subscription plan through either Stripe or Braintree (with the option to create Stripe plans directly inside SuiteDash), including setting the price and frequency. The clients will pay the initial Invoice payment as normal, after which their payment credentials will be captured by the chosen gateway, and they will be automatically charged based on the price and frequency of the Plan you set.

If you navigate to Office-->Billing/Payments-->Plans, you can view and manage existing Stripe and Braintree plans.

You can also choose to create a new Stripe plan directly inside your SuiteDash environment, using the + button on this page. After which you will be presented with a form with a few fields to fill out.


This is what will appear as the name of the Plan when the Plan is used on Invoices. Both admins and clients will see the name of Plan when it is added to an Invoice.


This is the core cost of the Plan, and is the both the amount that the client will initially pay when they make their first payment on the Invoice (as long as there is not a trial period set), and is also the amount the client will be charged automatically on a recurring basis based on the billing frequency you have set for the Plan.


This is the corresponding currency set for this Plan. This must match the currency that is set for the Invoice as a whole in order to be able to save/send the Invoice successfully.

Trial Period

This optional field allows you to set a trial period window (in number of days) for the Plan. If left blank, no trial period will be set, and the client will be charged for their first subscription amount immediately after checkout/payment.

Billing Cycle Every & Frequency

These fields represent how often the client will be charged for the corresponding Plan. You would enter a numerical amount in the "Billing Cycle Every" field, and then choose either Days, Weeks, Months, or Years in the "Frequency" field. It should be noted that a maximum frequency of 1 Year (12 Months, 52 Weeks, 365 Days) is allowed.

Once you have the Plan details set as desired, you can click "Save" to save the Plan to your SuiteDash environment. Once a Plan is saved and exists in your environment, you can add it to an Invoice just like a normal Item, Discount, or Tax, from the "Recurring Plans" section of the Invoice creation form.