The built-in live chat functionality allows internal users (including Master Account, Admins, Project Managers, Office Managers, Teammates, and Salespersons) to communicate in real-time, both in one-on-one Direct Messages as well as group Channels. Everything related to live chat can be handled via the left sidebar of your SuiteDash environment.

Your existing one-on-one conversations will appear under the "Direct Messages" header in the chat sidebar. To start a new direct chat with someone, you can click the + button next to the Direct Messages header.

Clicking the + button will show the Directory (which you can also access via the "Directory" tab). From there, you can click any internal user's name, which will open a new Direct Message conversation with that person.

In addition to one-on-one conversations, you can also create group Channels, to bring multiple users into a conversation. To create a new Channel, you can click the + button next to the "Channels" header, or alternatively navigate to the Directory tab and click the "Create Channel" button.

After clicking, a form will open that will allow you to enter the Channel Name, as well as select different users to add to the Channel. Once you have the Channel named and users assigned, simply click the "Create" button to save and start the message thread. 

You can also change your chat status by clicking on your name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.