If you would be interested in being considered for part of our Reseller program, or you would like more information, just let us know via a ticket HERE and we would be happy to answer any questions.

Once you have been approved as an authorized SuiteDash Reseller, you can manage your "sub-account" environments via the menu Settings-->My Account-->Reseller Dashboard

From here, you can view/impersonate/cancel any existing customer sub-accounts, as well as create new ones using the + button.

When creating a new customer, you will have a form with just a few fields to fill out.

Once you enter the Name, Email, and Phone of the new customer, and click "Create", their new SuiteDash environment will be automatically created, and the corresponding Elite license subscription will be added to your existing payment credentials (the same payment method on file for your primary SuiteDash account)

Once created, you can "impersonate" the new customer sub-account, and begin setting up the desired branding, creating users, etc.